About us

Lustre = french
Kronleuchter = German language
Chandelier = english language
Chandelier - origin of the word

"The circular arrangement of a larger number of flames on an apparatus intended for hanging apparatus led to the formation of the chandelier(lustre)." (Franz Sales Meyer, Handbuch für Ornamentik,
Leipzig 1927)

Company origin

Before I was able to creatively live out my passion for chandeliers from May 2006, I had already been able to gain experience in the antiques trade for several years. The first steps to my own business started in a 45sqm apartment, where I sold the first chandeliers via eBay. In the course of the years I worked myself more and more intensively into the matter, and began parallel to me new sources in the purchase (Spain, France, Belgium) to open. Because of this I can offer you today a large selection of rare and exceptional antique chandeliers and old lamps.

I welcome you to visit me in my gallery "Sac-à-perle" in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg!

Sac-à-perles, French - "a basket of pearls".
Sac-à-perles is a very specific chandelier shape, which always has a basket of pearls or Koppen(5-sided crystal elements).